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A warm welcome to all  and thanks for coming over to check out this special offer for discounted access to the Morning Value Service.

For a short time only (and for only a few spaces) I‘m offering a 

whopping 20% discount 

on all subscription levels!

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The letter beneath this welcome is the one I wrote when I launched the service in July 2011. The service has developed somewhat since that point and now includes a late afternoon update for evening racing.

Now, it would be very easy at this point to make all manner of hypey claims regarding the difference this service could make to your life and your financial situation - how it could be used to pay for the luxury extras you’ve always wanted, how it could free up your time, how it could purchase you a yacht made of gold etc.

I’m not going to do that.

There's no need.

The plain, unvarnished facts speak for themselves

Since the launch of the service, members have achieved the following profits:

Main Account bets: +2885.41 points or £144,270.50 to £50 bets

Evening Account Bets: +1402.93 points or £70,146.50 to £50 bets

Of Interest Horses: +96.85 points or £4842.50 to £50 bets

That equates to a grand total of 4385.01 points or

£219,250.50 profit to £50 level stakes bets in under 7 years

Even betting £20 stakes, that's a very life enhancing £87,700.20!

Download full proofed results here


That’s a handsome full time income by any measure – and it’s been achieved with a time investment of considerably less than 1 hour a day. That's an average annual salary of  £33,904.41 - tax free !!


It’s important to remember that every single one of the selections has been proofed both to and Secret Betting Club, two of the most respected betting monitors out there.

All of those profits have been made over and above the 109.03 points profit made during the trial period I carried out with readers of my blog.

I firmly believe there are no other services out there offering these kind of life changing returns.

Please take the time to read the letter below and see whether the service is really for you. It won’t be for everybody – and that’s a good thing.  Spaces are strictly limited to protect the prices for existing subscribers. I am allowing just 10 new subscribers to join our happy band.

I’m pretty sure that these few places will be gone very quickly and the doors will be closed again.

If you wish to change your financial circumstances dramatically for the better, you need to give this service very serious consideration.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at this and the very best of luck with your betting whatever you decide.


Kieran Ward

Make Your Betting Pay


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PS I’m so confident that you will make life changing profits by following this service that I am offering an unprecedented PROFIT GUARANTEE. See the letter below for full details.

PPS Naturally this service also comes with a 30 day no-quibble, money-back guarantee

The original MVS members' letter

Fast-track Your Way to Bank Boosting Profits by 'Looking Over my Shoulder' at the bets that would have snaffled you a massive £208,942 from the bookies' coffers in the last 4 Years alone!


Dear Fellow Profit Seeker,


I know that’s a pretty bold headline and it’s really not my style to be so dramatic, but this is so exciting I feel compelled to be bold.  I’m confident that what I’m about to reveal is


The Most Profitable Discovery You Will Ever Make!


As a regular reader of my betting blog over at, you are one of an exclusive group of profit seekers being given the opportunity to jump aboard at the start of something very exciting.


The chance to “look over my shoulder” and copy the precision “value bets” I use to make a fantastic living as a professional horse racing investor.

I proudly present:


The Morning Value Service

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Picture the scene:


At around 10:30am each day, you log on to your computer and check your emails.

You receive an email containing a series of specific investment instructions.

By 10:45am you’re finished for the day. There’s nothing more to do until around tea-time when you check the racing results and count your profits. And believe me,


the profits can be breathtaking



The sort of money that could make a VERY big difference to your life.


For example, when I first started testing these selections with real money, about 4 years ago now, I cleared £1989.25 in just my first week, betting to tiny £20 stakes.


Since that time these value bets have become the cornerstone of all my betting activities and have provided me with overall profits of



an astounding £208,942.00



Join Now

That’s an average of 500-600 betting points a year, every year. Obviously, because of the level of confidence I have in these, I bet to fairly large stakes. But, even betting at a very realistic £50 a point, that translates into £25-£30k a year completely tax free!


Not to be sneezed at.


Most people have to struggle through a full year of wage slavery to earn quite a bit less than that. If you were to join this service, those yearly profits are achievable in less than one hour’s “work” a day.


Would that leave you enough time to enjoy a few of the finer things in life? Perhaps that expensive hobby you’ve always fancied?  Or the little treats that you’ve never quite been able to make time for, or been able to afford?


Far be it for me to tell you how to spend your money. You’re considerably better qualified to do that than me. Suffice to say, I’m sure that kind of money would come in very handy!


However, there is something I need to make very clear right from the start.


This opportunity will not be suitable for everybody.


Not only are the spaces in this ‘insider group’ severely limited, the fact is, some people will simply not be right for this.


I’ll come back to why a little later.


Before that, I’d like to tell you a bit more about myself and why I’m qualified to make this life changing offer. For many years now, I’ve been a successful, professional gambler, concentrating mainly on UK horseracing.


Now that sounds like quite a glamorous life doesn’t it? Conjuring up images of champagne at the races, chauffeur driven cars and lots of easy money on tap.


Unfortunately, the reality is rather different. It takes hard work, dedication, discipline and years of experience to make consistent profits from horse racing.


That’s why 98% of bettors lose money. They simply don’t put in the work. They’re not prepared to serve the ‘apprenticeship’.


In the same way many people go to university, get a decent job and spend years working their way up the corporate ladder, building expertise and experience as they go along - I spent those years scratching around, losing money or just about breaking even, paying my dues and learning the game inside out before I ever managed to turn a profit.


I’m certainly not one to brag or boast but, over many years, I’ve got pretty good at making money from betting on horses. In fact, let’s have no false modesty, I’m VERY GOOD. I’d be surprised if there are more than a hundred people in the country who are as good as me and very, very few who are better.


The turning point on my road to profitability came when I mastered the concept of value. “Value betting opportunities” occur when the bookmaker has plain “got it wrong” and is offering far too big a price.


I’ve become expert at identifying those opportunities.


It took a lot of hard work, false trails and dead ends before I was able to unerringly identify these opportunities and really “get paid”. But, as I’ve already mentioned, when the rewards finally did come, they were more than I’d ever believed possible.

Considerably more 


Earlier this year, I started working on a strategy to release these value selections to an “inner circle” of professional clients.  I recruited a team of beta testers, from my blog, to trial the selections and see just how profitable they are.


The results during the testing period were nothing short of sensational.


Backing all selections at 16/1 or below produced a level stakes profit of 109.03 points.


Full results for the testing period can be downloaded here


Backing those selections to £50 stakes during the testing period, you would have come away with an astounding profit of:




in just 35 days!



The table below shows profit growth using £50 level stakes on all selections





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Now, profits like these are usually only achieved with years of experience and endless hours of hard graft.


As a member of the Morning Value Service you don’t have to concern yourself with any of that.


You don’t have to:



  •       spend years learning the intricacies of form study


  •     spend an age trawling through racing result statistics


  •      devote hours each morning to analysing betting market trends and patterns


I'll be the one shouldering that burden.



All you have to do is follow me in!



You can “piggy back” my years of hard work, experience and betting know-how, adding regular, substantial sums to your back pocket with none of the drudgery involved.


I know it sounds too good to be true and it‘s probably worth mentioning here that some people are frightened by the concept of making life-changing sums of money for such a small investment of time and effort. They worry that such sums of money are inaccessible for ordinary people or that there must be a huge level of risk involved, that it must be a scam.


Let’s me nip those fears in the bud right now.


You’ll never be risking more than 0.4% of your capital on any one investment - a safe, conservative staking strategy.


In addition to that, I have such confidence that these advices will make money that I’m prepared to offer what I believe is an absolutely unprecedented

cast iron ‘profit guarantee’


‘If we don’t hit a set profit target, based on length of subscription, your membership will continue, completely free of charge, until that profit target is achieved!’



How many times have you joined tipping services that promised the earth, then completely failed to deliver? I’ve joined plenty myself and I’m sure you have too. Unfortunately, the betting world is full of them. Big claims, no substance.


This is very different.


I’m prepared to back up my claims with my ‘cast iron profit guarantee’. No other tipping service is prepared to do that. I wonder why not?


Here’s exactly how it will work:


If you decide to join for 3 months, I personally guarantee that the service will make at least 10 points profit – or your membership will continue, completely without  charge until such time as 10 points profit has been made.


If you join for 6 months, I personally guarantee that the service will make at least 20 points profit or your membership will be extended, completely without charge, until such time as 20 points profit has been made.


If you take up the best value annual subscription, I personally guarantee that the service will make at least 40 points profit or your membership will be extended, completely without charge until such time as 40 points profit has been made.


Ask any of the other services out there whether they are prepared to guarantee your profits like that.


I think I know what the answer will be already.


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Let me explain a little more about the “nuts and bolts” of the service.


I’ll spend the night before racing analysing each and every horse running the next day. My final adjustments will be made in real time when the bookmakers release their early prices. (This is when the “old enemy” is most vulnerable and exactly when we will strike.)


All of that is my job.


All you need to do is follow the detailed instructions contained in the emails!

The selections will be mailed out at 10.30am. The number of value investments will vary from day to day but they will average about 15. This might seem a lot of selections per day but it allows us to ‘turn our money over’ quickly and make substantial profits even when betting to small stakes.



To clarify, here’s exactly what you will be getting if you secure a spot:




  •      Precision value selections directly to your inbox every morning


  •       Clear, concise instructions on exactly what you have to do


  •       A genuine opportunity to make a full time wage from an hour's “work” a day


  •   My unique, personal “profit guarantee”




There are, of course, some important points to consider when taking out a subscription. Both for your protection and mine. This service is designed for members who can take a professional attitude to their betting and are able to devote a bit of time and care each morning to getting their bets on.


  •      You will need to be beside your computer, to place bets as quickly as possible, for a maximum of an hour between 10.30 am and 11.30 am each day (apart from Sunday when we will all have a day off!)


  •         You will need to have (or be able to open) accounts with all of the bookmakers who appear on the price comparison site oddschecker.


  •         You will need to have the professional attitude/experience to realise that making profits from your betting is a long term proposition and there will be losing runs. You need the ability to keep focussed on the bigger picture and not be overly concerned with short term performance. I cannot stress enough -this is critical.


  •       Have some money set aside, separate from your other money, with which to bet. To follow these selections successfully, you will need a betting bank of at least 250 points.


If that is more than you can commit to then, sadly, this opportunity will not be for you. We must go our separate ways with no hard feelings. However, if you can give me a maximum of one hour a day and some common sense, then read on.



Join Now


These betting advices are extremely time and price sensitive. Obviously, if too many people are backing them, not everybody will be able to get on at the value price.

Taking that into account and after a great deal of thought, I’ve decided to err firmly on the side of caution and strictly limit the membership levels.


This means that, regrettably, I will be able to work with a maximum of only 25 people on this.


At that level, I am comfortable that not only will our value prices be protected, I will also be able to offer direct, personal access to me and my years of professional betting experience.


Each and every member will receive my personal email address That way, I am on hand to answer any questions and address any issues the moment they arise. Clearly, this is not something I would be able to do if membership levels were set any higher.


Unfortunately, some of those 25 spots have already been snapped up


As a courtesy to the people who took part in the testing phase of the service, they have already been given first refusal on some of those slots and there are now only:


17 spaces left


I have no idea if or when I will ever be able to re –open membership so there is a high probability this could be your one and only chance to get on board. The remaining places will go on sale at


Noon on Friday 8th July


I honestly don’t think they will last very long.


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How much would you be prepared to pay for a service that provides all these benefits?


  •     Selections straight to your inbox every morning


  •        Profit of £5451.65 in 35 days testing – more than doubling the betting bank


  •        All the hard work already done for you


  •        Personal telephone access to me to help with any questions or queries you might have.


  •         My unprecedented profit guarantee



In setting the price for this service I have considered a number of factors in arriving at a figure that I believe is fair to both you and me.


If you were to employ a private handicapper to find selections for you, they would charge you in excess of £30,000 a year. And there would certainly be no guarantee of profits.


I know of a number of (admittedly very good) tipsters charging their members upwards of £5k per annum for their services and still not delivering the life changing profits I am confident of achieving.


But, I don’t want this to be available only to people with already fat bank balances.

What would be the point in that?  So I have decided to set the annual membership at a price that I believe could be fully recouped during your very first month of membership.


For calculation purposes, during the trial period, if you had followed my selections at 16/1 or below betting at just £20 a point, you would have made £2,180.60 in profit.


So, I think an annual membership costs of £2200 would be more than fair.


But I want to make this even more affordable.


So I’ve decided to slash that price for people who are prepared to come on board right from the very beginning and I’ve decided to enhance affordability even further by offering a limited number of shorter membership options. There is no guarantee, however, that these shorter options will be available for long. Once the service is full, I will have to give preference to members who have taken out longer subscriptions. I think that’s only fair.


I have set the following subscription rates for a limited time:




3 months - £400.00


6 months - £700.00


12 months - £1200.00




Join Now



To allow subscribers to try this out with absolutely zero risk, I am prepared to offer a 30 day, no quibble, money back guarantee. Try the service for 30 days. If for any reason you find it is not right for you, let me know and I will refund every penny of your subscription fees. No questions asked.



So, to recap, you can lock in all these amazing benefits:



  •       Proven, profitable value selections delivered in ‘real time’ each morning.


  •       Personal, telephone access to me to help with any questions you might have.


  •       Selections that produced £5451.65 in tax free profits during the 35 day testing period!


  •       30 day no quibble, money back guarantee.


  •         My absolutely unprecedented “cast iron profit guarantee



Remember, there are just 17 places left. Membership will be closed as soon as those spots are filled, possibly forever. If you feel this is of interest, I urge you to take action immediately and click the order now button.


Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Join Now

All that remains is for me to thank you sincerely for your time and attention and wish you the very best of luck, whatever you decide.




Kieran Ward


P.S. Don’t forget you can try this out entirely without risk with my unheard of double guarantee

For 30 days you can try this on approval. If you find it’s not for you, for whatever reason, I’ll give you your money back.



I’m also giving you my cast iron profit guarantee – if we fail to hit the profit targets I’ve already outlined, your subscription will be extended, completely free, until such time as the profits have been achieved.


P.P.S The last betting offer I made sold out many hundreds of copies in less than a week – this one has just 17 left. Please act immediately to avoid disappointment.


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