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Tipster Competition Selections Below

Many thanks to everybody for entering the competition. I have been overwhelmed with the number of entries - and that's why I'm a few minutes late posting these up!

Good luck to everybody. Now on with the show!

Nickname Tuesday
Lobbydosser 1.30pm - Sprinter Sacre
Playingwithfire 1.30pm -  Spirit Son
Smoggy 2.40pm - Bensalem
Arn07 1.30pm - Magens Star
Peter the Punter 2.05pm  – Finians Rainbow
Fingerlickin 2.05pm - Captain Chris
Silver Fox (Martin) 4.40pm  – Stephanie Kate
Pip 1.30pm – Recession Proof
Rugbymoon 1.30pm - Al Ferof
Clm2908 1.30pm - Spirit Son
Silver Fox (Fergal) 2.40pm - Sunnyhillyboy
Chimbu 2.40pm - Slippers Percy
Phoebeb 4.00pm - Gullible Gordon
Neilo69 2.40pm - Caroles Legacy
Ged S 5.15pm – Definity
Juliejugs38 3.20pm – Dunguib
Marbir 2.40pm – The Rainbow Hunter
g.camplin 3.20pm – Dunguib
UKBS 2.05pm – Realt Dubh
Trevs 4.00pm - Freneys Well
Cashelman 3.20pm - Menorah
Gavnic 3.20pm – Peddlers Cross
Mickediff 2.40pm – Sunnyhillyboy
Mikrik 2.40pm – Adams Island
Ged Mc 2.05pm – Ghizao
General 1.30pm - Spirit Son
Misty1 2.40pm – Exmoor Ranger
Slaithwaite58 1.30pm – Marsh Warbler
SallyL 3.20pm - Hurricane Fly
Dumper 3.20pm – Dunguib
Pmillar 3.20pm – Peddlers Cross
Sibiznet 5.15pm – Swing Bill
Johnr85 5.15pm -  Definity
Crottly 4.00pm - Maljimar
Marvo 4.40pm  - Quevega
LiamD 3.20pm - Peddlers Cross
Marcus01 1.30pm -  Hidden Universe
Giggy 1.30pm - Spirit Son
Winfinder 3.20pm - Hurricane Fly
Dave 1.30pm - Gibb River
Hopeless 3:20pm - Peddlers Cross
Foss 4.40pm - Banjaxed Girl
Donno 2.40pm - Bensalem
Billp 2.40pm - Blazing Bailey
TJ 3.20pm - Oscar Whisky
Breenie 4.00pm - Gullible Gordon
Tootsie 2.40pm - Carrick Mines
Jonty 5.15pm - Definity
David 1.30pm - Spirit Son
Peterpickum 5.15pm – Quantativeeasing
Cheltenham Daily Banker Tipping Competition
King John's Castle Scuppers Me Again


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