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Bursting with pride...

How often is it that we do something that you can be really, legitimately proud of? A bona-fide achievement that you want to shout from the rooftops? It's happened to me only a handful of times in my life.

I'm feeling like that now!

I know it’s considered unattractive to blow your own trumpet but please indulge me on this occasion - I really am bursting with pride!

In July last year I launched my Morning Value Service and added the Evening Value Service as a free extra for Morning Service members in November.

From day one I proofed all the selections to Secret Betting Club, one of the most trusted and conscientious betting service monitors around. After proofing to them for over a year now - and more than 5,000 bets - they have completed an ultra -comprehensive review of the service  and, even though I say so myself, it makes very pleasant  reading!

Unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce the full review at the moment (they keep it exclusive to Secret betting Club members for a month or so) but I’ve been given permission to reproduce parts of it, which I’ve done below.

Excerpts from Secret Betting Club Review of The Morning Value Service:

"Service In Brief: The Morning Value Service is a high turnover racing tipster service with an excellent series of results dating back to July 2011. Expanded since then to also offer a free Evening set of selections, its results have been very strong indeed and we have been thoroughly testing it out for the past 2 months in advance of this full review.

Service Proofing: Here at SBC we have received nearly 4000 proofing emails for both Morning Value selections (since 11/7/11) and Evening Value selections (since 16/11/11).

Morning Bets


Evening Bets

Combined Morning and Evening

  • ROC is Return on Capital. Please note the ROC figure quoted is based on using a 175 point bank. Using a 100 point bank the ROC  is 655.54%

Service Results: 

In addition to monitoring all bets since the very beginning of the service, Secret betting Club also carried out an in depth 2 month analysis (May and June 2012) covering all aspects of the way the service worked, availability of odds advised and actual real world profits achieved.


They reached the following conclusion:


'The quality of service witnessed has been very strong indeed. Nearly 4000 proofing emails have been received with bets delivered like clockwork each and every day. The MVS alone would be considered a very strong offering and the addition of the EVS for free only serves to boost the value of what is received with a subscription.

In speaking with Kieran over the phone and via email, he has replied courteously and quickly to all emails and has been a delight to work with thus far. Nothing appears too much trouble for him and tester Dublinmeup speaks very highly of him based on his 2 months following.

Issues to consider before joining include maintaining the required bookmaker accounts to make it work long-term. In testing, Dublinemup lost three accounts as bookies clamped down on the profits he was making. He didn't look upon this as a negative but as a positive with regard to the results Kieran produces and the long term profitability of the service.

If you are as yet unaffected by such restrictions and meet the criteria on placing bets quickly and can handle the occasional losing runs then MVS could well be a service for you. It is only likely for full-time gamblers with some experience of betting behind them.

Ratings wise, we are stopping just short of a Hall of Fame rating as we would like to observe the service's performance for a few more months just yet. It is likely if odds remain available and results maintain that such an upgrade will appear before long.

Service Ratings:


Returns: 4

Risk: 3

Cost: 2.5


Suggested portfolio weighting:4


Rating: Buy'



As you can imagine, I was pretty chuffed with the review. I’ve worked bloody hard over the last year (probably more than 3,000 hours hard graft) to make the Morning Value Service one of the most profitable services that money can buy – and it feels very nice to have that hard work recognised.

Which brings me on to a small window of opportunity…

There are just 4 spaces available on the service and if anybody is interested in snapping up one of those spaces, I am currently offering a 20% discount to Secret Betting Club Members ( as a thank you for proofing my selections for more than a year)

To join the Secret Betting Club simply follow this link:

Secret Betting Club

(As an aside, I personally believe everybody should join the Secret betting Club whether they want to join my service or not! – You can see my review of their operation here)

Once you have joined, drop me an email on and I will organise a Morning Value Service membership with a 20% discount! Simples.

Okay, I've calmed down now - please forgive my shameless tooting of my own flute!

Have a great day






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