Morning Value Service Frequently Asked Questions

1) How will I receive the selections?

I will forward selections via Telegram to members each day between 10am and 10.30am.. There is also a web page, where the selections will be posted as fail safe. Each day the selections will be posted on this page in real time as a back up for the email service.

The address of the back up page is:

All members will be issued with login details for this page shortly after subscribing. 


2) How do I place the bets?

The telegram alerts will contain details of each selection. These details will include the race, the selection (or selections), the advised price and the bookmaker(s) offering that price. Try to place the bet as soon as possible after the alert arrives as these are price sensitive selections and you need to achieve as near as possible to the advised price.

3) Where do I place the bets?

I advise having accounts with all the major bookmakers who appear on the Oddschecker site. These change periodically.

When placing your bets, always try and select a bookmaker that offers Best Odds Guaranteed if several are offering the price you are after. If none of the B.O.G. bookmakers are offering the price, always go with the firm offering the best price. Most of these selections will shorten during the day so we will get the best of it most of the time.

4) How many bets will there be each day?

There will be an average of 15 -20 bets each day but that can vary dramatically depending on the time of year.

5) Why is it so important to get the advised price?

These are value bets. When I send out a selection, I  have calculated that the price being offered by a particular bookmaker or bookmakers is too big and therefore offers value. If you then take a price too far below that price, you may well not have got value – and consequently the profitability of your bet could be damaged.

6) How often do the selections win?

The selections have a long term strike rate of 16-17%

7) How large a bank do I need?


I recommend a betting bank of at least 300 points. This would mean if you had £3000 to bet with, you would split it up into 300 units of £10 and back each selection to £10 stakes, with £6,000 you would use £20 stakes and so on.
Setting aside this money is vitally important. If  the service was to start with a long losing run, with the 300 points set aside you will have a cushion to see you through it.  300 points gives us a large enough safety net to weather any losing runs and not break the bank. 

8) What can I do to prepare for the messages and place the bets more quickly?


It would be a good idea to be near your computer by 9.55am. Have the oddschecker horse racing page already open. Try and have all bookmaker accounts pre funded to some extent so you can save time on depositing. It will become clear within a couple of days which accounts you need to keep best funded and you can then adjust the amounts you keep in each account.
When the selections alerts arrive, click through to the relevant races, check the prices and place your bet with the advised bookmaker.

9) Will selections be sent every day?

Selections will be sent out every day except Sunday. There will be odd occasions when life intrudes and I will be unable to send the selections (holidays etc). I will always try and give plenty of notice of these.

10) How should I stake the selections? 

This is a matter of personal choice which should be based on your attitude to risk. Personally, I back all selections to 1 point level stakes win only. This produces the best return on investment over the long term. However,  this is a fairly aggressive staking strategy and some members may be more comfortable backing each way on the larger priced selections, particularly the 'Of Interests'

11) What are the 'Of Interest Horses'

For account bets I have a price ceiling of 20/1. However, occasionally I spot horses priced higher that offer value. The strike rate is pretty low with these price of selections . I put these in the messages as 'Of Interest' to highlight the more speculative nature of selections above 20-1. Please be aware that there will be some very long losing runs with these kind of selections.



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