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Royal Ascot Tipping Competition Final Results

It's all over Now as Mick Jagger (I think) said.

Royal Ascot has come and gone and we saw some exceptional performances none more so than that of the mighty Frankel. He is an out and out machine and must now be among the greatest racehorses we have ever seen.I certainly can't remember any better in my lifetime and Timeform rate him the greatest of all time.

On to the more important matter of the Make Your Betting Pay Royal Ascot tipping competition the final standings of which are below:
Nickname 23/06/2012 Final Total
Sir Castleton Moonlight Cloud 9
wja1966 Black Caviar 6.16
Devon Donkeys Moonlight Cloud 6
The Major Moonlight Cloud 0.8
mickstophatandtails Society Rock 0.8
Shortz Society Rock 0.8
Dennis's Diamonds Es Que Love 0.8
Stewy Society Rock 0
diecesbest Restiadargent 0
Oakville Stud Moonlight Cloud 0
Valuebettor Society Rock 0
Turkey Trotters Society Rock 0
Sue's Donkeys Society Rock 0
rugbymoon The Cheka 0
Johnf Jimmy Styles 0
Topcat Moonlight Cloud 0
Jenlove Society Rock 0
The Cat Genki 0
ynwajim Society Rock 0
Mark from Cark Restiadargent 0
The Wagatollah Society Rock 0
Rheingold Society Rock 0
diptin No Tip -9.2
photofinish No Tip -10
Pit Wood No Tip -10
TonyC Society Rock -10
ashy73 No Tip -20
Big Ted No Tip -30
world_wide_whippet No Tip -30
Mondo Ray No Tip -30
Inchando No Tip -40
Mr Wonderful No Tip -40
Bubbles No Tip -50
Eckythump No Tip -50
Nijinsky No Tip -50
Merlin No Tip -50
Copshaw No Tip -50
steven4444 No Tip -50
Rogue Trader No Tip -50
Bunny No Tip -50
billysnags No Tip -50
Trini No Tip -50
Angel Shark No Tip -50
Scotsmac No Tip -50
SimonW No Tip -50
Tootsie No Tip -50
GDC No Tip -50
Robalan No Tip -50
Congratulations to Sir Castleton who lead from the gate and refused to be caught. Also well done to wja1966 (who did particularly well considering he mailed me all his tips last weekend before going on holiday on Sunday!) and Devon Donkeys.

I'll be in touch with all three of you in the next couple of days to get details on where to send the prize money.

I'm typing this just before England take on the mighty Azzurri. To be honest I fear for them this evening - the italians are a very, very tough team to beat in the later stages of these competitions and I can see them nicking it by a single goal.

I hope I'm wrong.

I'm off to get settled!




Royal Ascot Tipping Competition Day 4
This bloody weather...


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