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Xmas Tipping Competition Day 2

An exciting start to the competition last saturday with the spoils going to Reve de Sivola - as predicted by the majority of competition entrants. As a result we have a jostling throng at the head of affairs with a bunching group in behind.

Good luck to everybody!
Nickname Points King George Tip
PhotoFinish 2.25 Dynaste
towny254 2.25 Al Ferof
Devon Donkeys 2.25 No Selection
Rugbymoon 2.25 Cue Card
brendanelson 2.25 Dynaste
NickH 2.25 Silviniaco Conti
The Major 2.25 Al Ferof
Ashy73 2.25 Al Ferof
shortz 2.25 Al Ferof
Ritz74 2.25 Silviniaco Conti
Saddleback 2.25 Al Ferof
Coxy 2.25 No Selection
Silksuccess 2.25 Cue Card
Topman 0 Al Ferof
jediknight 0 Dynaste
Big Al 0 Al Ferof
Pelly 0 Dynaste
JumpingMIck 0 Silviniaco Conti
WillP 0 Al Ferof
Mhoughton 0 Silviniaco Conti
Kendot 0 Al Ferof
Tricky Dicky 0 Silviniaco Conti
bojitoes 0 Menorah
seanier -10 No Selection
Bestscp -10 No Selection
cracker56 -10 No Selection
Merlin -10 No Selection
Aventine -10 Cue Card
TopCat -10 Dynaste
Nagmenot -10 Cue Card
GerryRich -10 Long Run

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