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Xmas Tipping Competition - Final Day

The final day of the competition is here and the Welsh National is the final obstacle.

In the race to the prizes NickH and Ritz74 have pulled slightly clear of a bunch in 2nd but there really is everything to play for with just just 13 points covering the top 23 entrants. Literally, anyone could win this.

Good luck to all
NickH 5.75 Well Refreshed
Ritz74 5.75 Well Refreshed
JumpingMIck 3.5 Highland Lodge
Mhoughton 3.5 Gooneyella
Tricky Dicky 3.5 Highland Lodge
PhotoFinish 2.25 Well Refreshed
towny254 2.25 Alfie Sherrin
Rugbymoon 2.25 Tidal Bay
brendanelson 2.25 Teaforthree
The Major 2.25 Gooneyella
Ashy73 2.25 Tour Des Champs
shortz 2.25 Merry King
Saddleback 2.25 Vintage Star
Silksuccess 2.25 No Selection
Topman 0 No Selection
jediknight 0 Goulanes
Big Al 0 Vintage Star
Pelly 0 No Selection
WillP 0 Highland Lodge
Kendot 0 Mountainous
bojitoes 0 Goulanes
Devon Donkeys -7.75 Knock a Hand
Coxy -7.75 Mountainous
Aventine -10 Hawkes Point
TopCat -10 No Selection
Nagmenot -10 Highland Lodge
GerryRich -10 Hey Big Spender
seanier -20 No Selection
Bestscp -20 No Selection
cracker56 -20 No Selection
Merlin -20 No Selection
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