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Oh Woe is Me

Once in a while a series of events occur that seriously test the faith.

I have just had a weekend that would test the faith of the pope himself!

I know other peoples bad beat stories are tedious but I need to get this one off my chest.

It all started swimmingly  on Saturday afternoon with a pleasing win on Clova Island in the 1.30 at Kempton. A good omen for the weekend you might think. I settled back to enjoy the Saturday racing safe in the knowledge I had played a good hand and got some tasty early prices about all of my runners for the rest of the day.

And that is when the true horror began to unfold before me.

2.30pm Kempton Othermix Backed to win at 16/1 - 2nd

4.10pm Kempton Wee Robbie Backed to win at 8/1 - 2nd

4.45pm Kempton Shammick Boy Backed to win at 7/2 -2nd

4.45pm Kempton Setter's Princess Backed to win at 80/1 (yes 80/1) -3rd

4.05pm Chepstow Anay Turge Backed to win at 7/2 - 2nd

4.05pm Chepstow Salontyre Backed to win at 11/4 - 3rd

5.10pm Chepstow Dirty Deal Backed to win at 22/1 -2nd

5.10pm Chepstow Five Star Wilsham Backed to win at 3.95 -3rd

Hard to bear as I am sure you can imagine. But wait, I'm not finished yet.

Sunday morning comes and I am here again, ready for more punishment.

And boy do I get it!

2.50pm Kempton Turf Time Backed to win at 6.2 - 2nd

4.05pm Fontwell Turbulance Backed to win at 10/1 - 3rd

4.25pm Kempton Happy Feet Backed to win at 16/1 - 2nd

4.55pm Kempton Pegasus Again Backed to win at 6/4 -2nd

5.05pm Fontwell Adamo Backed to win at 25/1 -2nd

Shocking. It takes the breath away and I suppose it begs the question - why didn't I back them each way?

I know why I didn't (the long term profitability is not as high) but at times like these I truly wish I wasn't so aggressive in my staking.

There were a few winners scattered amongst the nightmares I have mentioned above.

My overall betting record for the weekend is below:

31 bets

3 winners

1 Dead heat winner

10 2nds

6 3rds

This represents a 64.5% win and place strike rate.

But the  tragedy is it only represents a 12.9% win strike rate - well below my long term average.

A bump in the road I know - but they sometimes leave a terrible bruise.
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