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Christmas Tipping Competition

Morning all,

Thanks to everybody who has entered the tipping competition. I've been swamped with emails so sincere apologies for not getting back to everybody individually. Entries are now closed and we have 53 runners going to post. I have listed everybody and their tips below.

Good Luck to all!
Tipster Selection
Beanyhead Great Endeavour
BigAl Quantitativeeasing
bluiboy I'msingingtheblues
Boogly Quantitativeeasing
Bunny Sunnyhillyboy
Cops Haw Salut Flo
Coxy Divers
dharrison Medermit
Digger Ghizao
Dougal Sunnyhillyboy
Droid2 Salut Flo
Eckythump Quantitativeeasing
Eigee Quantitativeeasing
Fazzydamus Divers
fconwy Great Endeavour
GordonF Ghizao
Grahams Donkeys Medermit
Greengrass Tatenen
Gypsyb Salut Flo
hearrts103 Medermit
Jamboree Ghizao
jlevers Sunnyhillyboy
JoeyQ Divers
Kendo Ghizao
MattB Medermit
Mazblaze Quantitativeeasing
Merlin Medermit
MikeA Quantitativeeasing
Monthehoops Ghizao
NickC I'msingingtheblues
notty04 Divers
PeteC Roudoudou Ville
Peterpickum Quantitativeeasing
PVA Great Endeavour
Roddo Medermit
Rowlester Quantitativeeasing
santashelper Divers
Sceptic Peg Scorchers Medermit
Shan Great Endeavour
Shortstraw Medermit
Stevie Bee Roudoudou Ville
The Duke Medermit
The Optimist Great Endeavour
The Trickster Quantitativeeasing
Tigran Divers
TomJ Divers
Topman Quantitativeeasing
Trevado Divers
Tricky Dicky Woolcombe Folly
Venture2cognac Matuhi
Waggy Roudoudou Ville
Yibboy 4 Great Endeavour
Zodiac Salut Flo


Christmas Tipping Jamboree
Posting Smorgasbord


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