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Royal Ascot Tipping Comp Day 3

Hi all,

Late posting up today I'm afraid - been running around like a blue arsed fly.

I haven't as yet calculated the points for today but all tipsters and standings after yesterday are below:
Nickname Running Points 21/06/2012
Sir Castleton 9 Opinion Poll
The Major 0.8 Fame and Glory
mickstophatandtails 0.8 Opinion Poll
Shortz 0.8 Fame and Glory
Dennis's Diamonds 0.8 Fame and Glory
diptin 0.8 Fame and Glory
Stewy 0 Fame and Glory
diecesbest 0 Fame and Glory
Oakville Stud 0 Saddlers Rock
Valuebettor 0 Saddlers Rock
Big Ted 0 No Tip
Turkey Trotters 0 Opinion Poll
wja1966 0 Colour Vision
Sue's Donkeys 0 Fame and Glory
rugbymoon 0 Saddlers Rock
Devon Donkeys 0 Colour Vision
Johnf 0 Opinion Poll
Topcat 0 Saddlers Rock
Jenlove 0 Gulf of Naples
The Cat 0 Saddlers Rock
photofinish 0 Fame and Glory
ynwajim 0 Saddlers Rock
Mark from Cark 0 Opinion Poll
world_wide_whippet 0 No Tip
The Wagatollah 0 Saddlers Rock
Mondo Ray 0 No Tip
TonyC 0 No Tip
ashy73 0 Saddlers Rock
Rheingold 0 Fame and Glory
Pit Wood 0 Saddlers Rock
Inchando -10 No Tip
Mr Wonderful -10 No Tip
OHMISTAGEE -10 Fame and Glory
Bubbles -20 No Tip
Eckythump -20 No Tip
Nijinsky -20 No Tip
Merlin -20 No Tip
Copshaw -20 No Tip
steven4444 -20 No Tip
Rogue Trader -20 No Tip
Bunny -20 No Tip
billysnags -20 No Tip
Trini -20 No Tip
Angel Shark -20 No Tip
Scotsmac -20 No Tip
SimonW -20 No Tip
Tootsie -20 No Tip
GDC -20 No Tip
Robalan -20 No Tip
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