The Difficult Second Post

Hello readers!

Sorry this post has been a few days in the making. Been mulling over how I want to it to progress. It would be nice to know if anybody is out there reading it and finding it of interest. Not that I won't write it just for myself - I like the accountability aspect of the whole thing - but it would be nice to know if anybody out there is really interested.

So in the next few days I am going to try and set up the option for people to sign up to be told when there are updates on the site. As I am the least technically minded person that I know this might take a while.

I have also been working on jazzing up the look of the site and making it look more like a blog about horse racing! Again, this might take me quite a while to get on top of so bear with me!

As an incentive for people to sign up for updates, I am currently writing what I think is a really comprehensive free guide to "making your betting pay". It will take the format of an email course in a number of parts which will look at what I view as the inviolable rules of profitable betting. Not sure how many parts it will be in as I am not finished yet but hopefully it will impart whatever wisdom I have managed to accrue over the last 8 years of unbroken, profitable betting.

If any of you are interested in how my betting has been going, I have signed up for the easyodds Top Tipster competition and have been posting some of my selections. I am registered as kgcward if any of you want to have a look here.

Had a nice 50/1 winner at Nottingham on Saturday night (that can be seen in my Top tipster results) but was a little disappointed that I missed the 80/1 that was available at one point. Not sure what it reached on betfair! I will occasionally post up these speculative bets so keep checking back ( please don't expect all of them to win - they are merely horses whose prices I have identified as offering good value)

Guess I had better wrap it up now. Keep checking back and look out for the email course which should be available within the next few days.

Be Lucky



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