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Xmas Tipping Comp - Day 1

56 have gone to post in the MYBP Xmas Tipping Competition and, if the wisdom of crowds can be trusted, we should have a finish as follows :

1st Smad Place

DH 2nd Reve de Sivola

DH 2nd Trustan Times

3rd Master of the Hall

We shall see but very good luck and thanks for entering to everybody!

Nickname Long Walk Tip
Rodders Trustan Times
TonyW Smad Place
Brian1147 Prospect Wells
Stephen1959 Smad Place
BillP Smad Place
Photofinish Trustan Times
calliecollie Trustan Times
Big Al Smad Place
ChrisC Cucumber Run
Rugbymoon Cucumber Run
Domino Trustan Times
Big Adam Trustan Times
The Trickster Master of the Hall
Silksuccess Smad Place
Smoggy Cucumber Run
Bazzer Cucumber Run
Betting Rant Smad Place
ColinR Trustan Times
The Cat Prospect Wells
wja1966 Reve de Sivola
Boggy Smad Place
Burren Smad Place
Zippfast Smad Place
MickH Cucumber Run
Gralmano Master of the Hall
The Major Master of the Hall
Fabio Trustan Times
KevinO Kayf Aramis
Mr Forgetful Reve de Sivola
Breen51 Master of the Hall
chula Reve de Sivola
Albeemster Trustan Times
Siddy Master of the Hall
Jedi Knight Five Dream
Minmore Sandy Reve de Sivola
Bob Master of the Hall
Disco monkey Smad Place
Topdog Smad Place
eric d loon Reve de Sivola
Roy S Trustan Times
Devon Donkeys Master of the Hall
harrygee61 Reve de Sivola
brendanelson Trustan Times
Arn07 Reve de Sivola
cavaliers99 Smad Place
Rajah Reve de Sivola
Ashy Master of the Hall
KGW Master of the Hall
SportsPunter8 Cucumber Run
wigtown235 Trustan Times
Shortz Reve de Sivola
Hutch Prospect Wells
Workieticket Master of the Hall
The Wagatollah Reve de Sivola
lowerfarmbike Reve de Sivola
Carterjr No Selection
eckythump No Selection
beetlejuice No Selection
Jimbob the Brave No Selection
Merlin the Pro No Selection
Coxy No Selection
terrys No Selection
rob8701 No Selection
Moonhorse No Selection
Capt Morgan No Selection
Gibbo No Selection
Pudding Tane No Selection
South Shields No Selection
GDC No Selection
The Unlucky Don No Selection

So here it is....
Xmas Tipping Comp Day 2


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