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Just a short post today, lovely people!

I've had a few requests for an occasional post giving simple tips and tricks on making betting life a bit simpler/easier/less time consuming. Anybody who made such a request (you know who you are!), firstly thanks fior giving me the idea and secondly, you can count this as the first in a series of such posts.

Horse Alerts

Back in the dim and distant past, like many a horse racing enthusiast before me, I kept a notebook with me at all times, for the purpose of jotting down the names of horses that caught my eye along with  some general notes alongside the name as to why they were being placed in the notebook.

All well and good, a reasonable little recording method you might say and I know some people still use such a system to keep track of 'horses of interest' . The major drawback with the notebook system is the slowly increasing workload that it creates. I remember scouring my notebook each morning and then looking through the lists of runners to see whether they were running that day. When you've got a notebook of 100 or more horses, it's time consuming and laborious.

Now, obviously I may be trying to teach my grandmother to suck eggs with this tip, but I know some people aren't using one of the many horse alerts services out there. Most horse racing websites seem to have one but Ialways use (no particular reason why!) the one offered by

It's nice and easy to set up.

All you need to do is register with them. Then in the My Account section on their web page, thery have an option to add an alert. Then, when you see a horse that catches your eye, all you have to do is pop them in your alerts section and, everytime they run in the future, you will receive an email to let you know. There is also a space in the alert to write some notes about the horse. Genius - and having one of these set up will save you a vital few minutes each morning.

I told you it was a short one today but I hope it will save at least some of you a few minutes each morning. If it only saves five minutes a day - you are looking at a total saving in excess of 30 hours a year.

Well worth doing. And if you're not already keeping a notebook - you need to be!

Have a great weekend

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